21 May 2017

one of those days...

 photo jazzabelles diary spring style blossom_zpse1niseq0.jpg  photo jazzabelles diary asos jeans topshop shoes_zpswrkm6xfx.jpg
 photo jazzabelles diary kensington blossom_zpsl4zzkcz5.jpg
 photo jazzabelles diary pink white blue_zpsoqyvxowz.jpg
 photo jazzabelles diary spring style asos cath kidston primark_zpsg524qh2c.jpg
Primark top and sunnies - Scarf, c/o Boden - Asos jeans - Topshop shoes - Bag, c/o Cath Kidston
 photo jazzabelles diary blossom breton tee_zpsbaoiu5ls.jpg
Over the last few months I've got into the habit of balancing my weekends between 'getting shit done' and allowing time to be a little lazy (read: a total slob). I had so many things I wanted to achieve yesterday, before rewarding myself with a relaxing evening, but it ended up being one of those days that just did not go to plan. The tidy up I wanted to have? My bedroom is now messier than it was on FridayThe blog post I planned to write? I spent three hours staring at my draft and couldn't string a single sentence together. The book I had lined up to read? I haven't even picked it up. I felt overly emotional, tired and frustrated, and spent most of the day staring at the television, stuffing my face, falling into the social media comparison trap and doubting myself.
I've had an amazing run of happiness and contentment this year, so this bout of negativity came as a total surprise, and I just couldn't snap out of it. In the evening I had a late night chat with Rob, to vent my frustrations of having such a down day, and what he said really resonated with me - Some days you don't see progress, and that's okay. As long as you see progress in your life month on month, that's what you should be aiming for. And it's only Saturday night, there's still time to have a good weekend. And that's the plan. It's Sunday morning as I write this, so I have 12+ hours to turn my weekend around, meaning I can go into my next working week feeling content. The plus side is, I've unintentionally ticked off a blog post off my list (even if this wasn't the one I wanted to write) and now I'm feeling more inspired to tackle the rest of my to-do list. Let's do this! Love, Jazz x
Photos by Chloe  

14 May 2017

my holiday fragrance - jo malone's mimosa & cardamom

 photo jo malone mimosa and cardamom_zpslta0euwr.jpg
Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom cologne - Primark sunglasses - Summer dress, c/o Next
 photo next fashion summer dress_zpsjorbmcnt.jpg
Let's talk about scents, baby! I find the power of scent so amazing; how different fragrances can be so evocative and nostalgic, triggering memories of specific times, people, places and emotions. The Body Shop's sweet vanilla body mist reminds me of my secondary school years, Guerlain's Samsara feels like a hug from my mum, and more recently, Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir - my now signature scent - brings back distinctive memories of dating, and then falling in love, with Rob. 
Years ago I remember reading an article recommending wearing a new fragrance for a special occasion or holiday, so in the future your memories and feelings will forever be tied to that scent. Our recent Florida trip was the perfect opportunity for me try this - as mine and Rob's first holiday abroad together and being the sentimental person that I am, the thought of a scent that would transport us back sounded quite romantic - soppy, I know! Having only Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir (and occasionally borrowing my mum's Lime, Basil and Mandarin cologne), I knew I wanted to expand my collection, so after a couple of visits to store to sample their fragrances, I opted for Mimosa & Cardamom. Rich, spicy and sweet, with hints of vanilla (thanks to the base note of tonka bean) and powdery mimosa, this scent is so 'me'. Perfumes are such a personal thing, you just know when you're wearing one that fits right, just like a good pair of jeans.  
While Florida is still fresh in my mind, I gave myself a little spritz of this fragrance yesterday and the memories all came flooding back. Hot, sunny evenings, warm hugs from Rob, splashing in pools, cool breeze and sand between my toes. This really is my holiday in a bottle! Love Jazz x

10 May 2017

photo diary #1 - florida on film

 photo disney magic kingdom_zpshxexugtl.jpg photo disney hollywood studios_zpspv8diuoq.jpg photo epcot_zpspxvbaacp.jpg photo disney jazzabelles diary_zpskbaqkid5.jpg photo disney typhoon lagoon_zpsml92fii5.jpg photo disney magic kingdom castle_zpsekitjr5n.jpg photo disney animal kingdom_zpsary0ybw0.jpg photo disney ice cream sundae_zpssn75q0mr.jpg photo disney next yellow blouse_zpsizqrdazj.jpg photo disney ride_zpsrnotkgfv.jpg photo tranquility bay view_zps55h0oyec.jpg photo tranquility bay rob_zpszkuvni5s.jpg photo tranquility bay triangl bikini_zpsnvlvp9qx.jpg
Topshop top, belt & shorts - Keds c/o All Sole - Primark rose pin & sunglasses - Blouse c/o Next - Backpack c/o Accessorize - Bikini c/o Triangl
 photo tjs tiki bar tranquility bay_zpsamj4uglu.jpg photo tranquility bay swimming splash_zpso4irx3pb.jpg photo sunset view pier key west_zps2phafbhr.jpg
Yesterday Rob and I safely arrived home after the most perfect trip to Florida - our first ever holiday abroad together! Right now I don't think I can fully describe how beautiful, magical and special our trip was, so for now here's a little photo diary of some of the moments we captured on film while in Disneyworld, Tranquility Bay in Florida Keys and Key West. I'm so full of love and happiness (with the added bonus of a great tan!) right now, the memories Rob and I made together are going to be treasured forever. I can't wait to share more with you very soon! Now, I best be off to bed - it's my first day at my new job tomorrow! Love, Jazz xx

23 April 2017

life lately...

 photo jazzabelles diary boden spot polka dot shirt_zps1uohjx1k.jpg photo jazzabelles diary boden shirt_zpsukachzzy.jpg
Shirt, c/o Boden - Jeans, c/o Next  photo jazzabelles diary smart shirt polka dot boden_zps3y5j3wlu.jpg
Hello, hello! Days have been blurring together for me recently, so today has been spent taking it easy, reflecting on the last couple of weeks and thinkin' ahead. I thought I'd catch up with y'all and share a few things going on in my life lately...
1. Ten days ago I quit my job. And in the last ten days I've felt the most content and carefree I've felt in a very long time. It's a different sort of contentment to usual too, as it hasn't just been for a weekend or a few days, resulting in Sunday evening sadness and back-to-work blues, as this time I've really been able to switch off. Of course my mini break will eventually have to come to an end, but even then it will be to start something new and exciting, so it's a bit of a win-win situation!
2. In five short days Rob and I will be jetting off to Florida! The anticipation of our first holiday abroad together has been so special, yet the worrier in me can't seem to fully allow myself to get too overexcited. I'm not anxious about the flight itself, it's more the whole airport experience that I find a little overwhelming, though once the plane has taken off I know I'll be lovin' life and will be annoying Rob with my giddiness!
3. Despite getting back into the swing of posting more regularly on my blog (all thanks to Chloe's lovely photography), I'm still figuring out the direction I'd like to take Jazzabelle's Diary. Ultimately my blog is just a hobby for me, but I'm thinkin' 2017 will be the year I finally shake things up on my little corner of the internet! In the seven years I've been blogging, I've never changed my template, so that's something I'd like to explore. I also really want to think about injecting more personality and creating meaningful content that I'm proud of. Is there anything you'd like to see on here? I'm really open to all suggestions, and do let me know your favourite blog designers and developers too!
I'll chat to you next week, I should have another post popping up before I go on holiday! Lots of love, Jazz xx 

20 April 2017

floral fancy.

 photo jazzabelles diary next floral shirt_zpsuuf0cd2j.jpg photo jazzabelles diary next fashion_zpswcu2jmit.jpg photo jazzabelles diary next spring floral top_zpscr2nhcj7.jpg photo jazzabelles diary next 360 jeans spring style_zpsgd1dp6ha.jpg photo jazzabelles diary next skinny jeans floral embroidered boots_zpsxhu4ftyf.jpg photo jazzabelles diary next floral embroidery boots_zpsv5tqzpox.jpg
Top, jeans and boots - all c/o Next
 photo jazzabelles diary next spring outfit_zpsisrxmklw.jpg
When I first started my blog at the age of seventeen, my style was very simple - black, grey and muted tones were my go-to colours, and I often shied away from statement pieces. The idea of bright colours, patterns and experimenting with trends really appealed to me, so I dabbled occasionally, but as I wasn't the most confident person, I really didn't want to stand out from the crowd. I wasn't happy with my body shape or general appearance, so the last thing I wanted was to draw unnecessary attention to myself with eye-catching outfits.
Confidence is something I often talk about - I feel that there's a clear correlation between my age and self esteem. As I get older and become more confident, I'm making bolder fashion choices - what I wear now reflects my personality and favourite things... hello William Morris prints and pops of colour! Take this outfit, clashing prints aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I couldn't resist doubling up on florals, and tryin' out a pair of jeans different from my favoured high waisted variety. Sometimes I long for a really strong, signature style and a 'capsule wardrobe', but right now I'm still finding my feet with my personal style, and I'm happy that I finally have the confidence to experiment with clothes and wear things that truly make me smile. Love Jazz xx
Photos by Chloe