12 March 2017

a few things to look forward to...

 photo william morris house of hackney_zpsfb8rue3j.jpg photo holland park steps_zpskco57pan.jpg photo jazzabelles diary steps_zpshuh49irf.jpg photo house of hackney william morris_zpszpqpmoym.jpg
New Look coat - House of Hackney top - Topshop jeans (similar) - Topshop boots (similar)
 photo new look grey coat_zpskuxwzphj.jpg
I always love filling up my diary with things to look forward to. Whether it's something as little as a lunch break date, a day off work or something bigger like family get together, having things to be excited about definitely makes the long, monotonous days a little bit better. There are a few things I'm really looking forward to over the next couple of months - first up, this Friday Rob and I are off to Bournemouth for a long weekend to see my family. Bournemouth has always been my happy place, it's going to be lovely to escape London for a few days to be with my favourite people. In April it's my mum's big 'five oh' birthday so we'll be planning a big family party, and then - this is SO exciting - at the end of April, Rob and I are going to America for our first ever 'proper' holiday together! He completely and utterly surprised me with a trip to Walt Disney World and Florida Keys for Christmas, I can't wait to make some amazing memories with the man I love. This year is lookin' to be a good'un, I'll have some more exciting things to share with you very soon, too!
On a side note, I'm so proud of myself for the amount of blog posts I've already shared this year - this is now my sixth post of 2017 - that's how many I managed for the whole of 2016! Thank you so much for all the kind words, comments and feedback you have left so far. Since I've taken the pressure off my blog and have put it out there that this is just a hobby for me, things really have fallen into place - it's great to start to have a little confidence in Jazzabelle's Diary again! x
Photos by Chloe 

27 February 2017

mini book review - my not so perfect life, sophie kinsella

 photo sophie kinsella book_zpszsjacvin.jpg
Since I was a teenager, Sophie Kinsella has always been my favourite author. With fun, relatable women in the lead and always with a touch of romance, her books are easy to read, and hard to put down. My admiration for Sophie grew when I served her while working as a sales assistant at Cath Kidston; I held it together until her transaction went through, then I had a mini fan girl moment - she couldn't have been more kind and humble. From the Shopaholic series to her stand alone novels and the early books penned under her real name, Madeleine Wickham, I've read them all, so as soon as I found out she had a new release up her sleeve, I of course pre-ordered it straight away and couldn't wait for it to arrive...
My Not So Perfect Life, is a breath of fresh air - a witty take on our social media culture, this novel follows Katie pretending to have the perfect life on Instagram, but in reality that's not the case - she rents a tiny room, has annoying flatmates, an awful commute and can't seem to catch a break at work. She longs for the perfect life her boss leads, but all is not as it seems... I don't want to give too much away, however here are a few lines that really resonated with me; 'Every time you see someone's bright-and-shiny, remember: they have their own crappy truths, too. And every time you see your own crappy truth and feel despair and think: Is this my life...? you should remember: it's not. Everyone's got a bright-and-shiny, even if it's hard to find sometimes'. My Not So Perfect Life is Sophie Kinsella at her finest. Funny and uplifting, I guarantee this will have you nodding your head in agreement and laughing aloud throughout - trust me, I got some looks on my commute because of this. Jazz x

25 February 2017

a little saturday catch up...

 photo IMG_0107-small_zps6otxkeut.jpg
Boohoo jumper - Whistles bag (similar) - Asos jeans
Remember the good old days of blogging when you would shoot a few snaps, say "that will do" and pop your post up same day with just a line or two? Nothing fancy, just a classic ootd. Now that I've taken the unnecessary pressure off my blog, well, I thought I'd give it a go! So, this is what I wore today for brunch with my family, a coffee catch up with dad and wander around the shops afternoon. I picked up this jumper after seeing it on Laura - the sleeves are brilliant and hilarious in equal measure - it really does make me smile. The jeans are another recent addition to my wardrobe, and I've had this Whistles bag for around three years now, bought secondhand off a colleague at a previous job. It's lasted me pretty well so far, and I may have bought the matching pouch, coin purse and card holder since then, with the luggage tag and passport holder next on my list! 
If you're after more of a read this weekend, I highly recommend Kristabel's latest post, all about her experience on being black, British and a blogger. Being mixed race (Jamaican and British!), this post so so amazingly relatable for me - I'd love to write more about being mixed race and how racial issues affect me, but as I've said previously, I'm just unsure if I'd be able to articulate my thoughts eloquently enough. I'll start making notes for now, and maybe one day the post will end up on here. We shall see! Have a super weekend, y'all! Jazz xx

15 February 2017

wild at heart

 photo cath kidston horse print blouse_zpso17zn2n6.jpg photo horse print shirt cath kidston_zpsyubtlqw2.jpg photo cath kidston horses_zpsn2jchjtk.jpg photo cath kidston blouse horses_zps1thalhlq.jpg photo jazzabelles diary cath kidston wild at heart_zpsa2drnh15.jpg photo cath kidston leather bag_zpskwucmd7j.jpg
Painted Horses Blouse and leather bag - c/o Cath Kidston - Topshop jeans (similar) and shoes 
 photo jazzabelles diary cath kidston_zpszbegohfm.jpg photo wild at heart cath kidston_zpshpx5isck.jpg
Why hello there! Those of y'all who have been long time readers of my blog will know how much of a part Cath Kidston played in my life. Working there for three years in my early twenties, it became a part time job of dreams to the place where I started my career. I grew so much as a person, gained skills for life and met some lovely people along with way. As cheesy as it sounds, even though I no longer work for the company, it's always got a place in my heart. Plus, I still have friends that work there, which means Cath Kidston gifts for me (oh yes)!  
My pal Maryam sent me this Painted Horses Blouse, which on paper isn't really my style, but I'm glad I gave it the chance as I actually really love it! The print is painterly and abstract enough that the horses aren't erm... too horsey, plus I'm lovin' pops of bright pink at the mo' - it's a pretty snazzy look for me but I'm embracing it! These are my favourite bunch of photographs that Chloe took a couple of weekends ago - we couldn't resist snapping away at Wild at Heart, I mean, those tiles! So worth getting a wet bum for. It made a super lovely change to go out and about to a different part of town, but after hours wandering around a chilly Notting Hill and being the homebody that I am, oh was I glad to get back home and pop my pajamas on... Jazz x
Photos by Chloe